Saturday, August 2, 2008

Heading home

I have been busy since I landed in the US in mid-May-08 traveling the US reporting to churches, individuals, visiting friends and family. I have travelled to 18 states in 2 months-wow! People were so generous to host me and very responsive to the work of Chidamoyo.

I am leaving for Zimbabwe today (31st July) and leave with some hesitation this time because of the uncertainty of what is happening in Zimbabwe.

Things seem to be quiet at Chidamoyo but we are not able to find much food to feed our patients. We buy locally and grow but have problem getting sugar, salt, oil and beans and kapenta. We have been ordering some of these things from to help us keep up with the patients.

Please continue to pray for us as our workload has increased tremendously due to most other hospitals having no equipment, supplies, meds and staff. Doctors in government hospital are on strike again. Most are very discouraged by lack of supplies and things to help patients.

Major is saying that there is no cash, no food in the stores and people are very discouraged. Talks for unity broke down earlier this week but continue in South Africa later this week. Please pray for a solution and safety for all in Zimbabwe.

The Reserve bank govenor is to announce new monetary information this week with rumors that some zeros may be cut off the money. The latest exchange rate last week was $700 billion to 1 US. Amazing, since when we left 2 months ago it was $200 mill:1!

Thanks to all who hosted me and gave me a great visit to the US--it was wonderful.